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Co-created brand identities and naming strategies for 2 clients in the social impact space


To create a comprehensive brand identity for each client within a fast-paced environment.


3 months, Summer 2022

The Team

Ciara, Melissa, Zaac


8 client presentations with each client (16 total) on brand strategy, creative strategy, naming options, brand identity, and verbal identity.

Team brainstorming meeting


Railyard Lab program

Railyard Lab is a student design group run by the branding and packaging company behind the Mikes Hard Lemonade and the Little Potato Company brands. This paid internship targets startups and non-profits, and encourages business and design students to collaborate.


I was fortunate enough to be mentored by senior designer Steve, who taught me some tips about branding and creative strategy. Thanks to Steve, I was able to expand my design toolkit and learn how to create 3 diverse creative corridors that align with the client's needs. I also gained some valuable insights on concisely communicating design to non-designers using mockups, colour meanings, and tangible design rationale.

Indigenous apparel company

An Indigenous company whose goal was to create a thought-provoking apparel brand with proceeds going to support Indigenous non-profits, communities, and nature.

My roles

Project Management

— Organized and planned project timeline to work within schedule restraints
— Lead intern team, defined project goals and communicated with stakeholders

Brand Strategy

— Defined the core of the brand and how the brand is perceived
— Conducted audience research and synthesized findings into bite-sized research insights
— Developed and refined audience personas, focusing on the 'ignitor' persona

Verbal Identity

— Used keywords to define the mood and feeling for future copywriting
— Created sample 2-3 word slogans

Potential slogans for Client #1
Client #1
Client #2

International financial consulting company

An international financial consulting firm whose goal was to rebrand their company in a way that it is better aligned with their core strengths and differentiators within the financial sector.

My roles


— Organized and planned team name ideation sessions
— Systematically came up with 5 strong naming options that addressed different client needs

Creative Strategy

— Created multiple moodboard and colour options for the brand

Verbal Identity

— Used keywords to define the mood and feeling for future copywriting
— Created sample 2-3 word slogans

Primary and secondary colour options for Client #2

Learning takeaways

Internships are invaluable, I learned more in my three months here than I do in a whole semester. Client presentations and interactions, balancing team dynamics, the incredible convincing power of applying branding to collateral, and creating style guides even non-designers can follow - these are things the classroom simply can't teach.

Thanks for reading!
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